Education-related activities

Initiatives carried out with the participation of different members of the Network:

Technical session. Com millorar la comunicació entre el professional de la salut i el pacient [How to improve communication between health professionals and patients]. Ongoing professional teaching workshop organised by the Consortium of Health and Social of Catalonia. From the point of view of health literacy, a current framework and different initiatives carried out in hospital settings are presented with the aim of stimulating reflection for the improvement of quality of care. Barcelona, 19/01/2023. Link to the video of the session.

Health conversations. Updating cycle for health education, with a particular focus on knowledge, techniques, tools and resources for strengthening communication between patients and health professionals, with two editions carried out in Vigo and Girona (2019) and San Sebastián (2020). Activity recognized as being of interest to health (Government of Catalonia, October 2019 9002E/242/2019).

MOOC: Health literacy. Approaches to caring for others and for ourselves. Did you know that many people have problems understanding health-related information? That they don’t have tools for finding quality information on the internet? hat they don’t know where to get help from or who to ask when they have a medical problem? That they don’t know how to take care of their health and that of their family?

Spanish Health Literacy Network - About us

Health literacy among university students. This is an opportunity, offered jointly by the University of Cádiz, the University of Girona, the University of Murcia and the UOC, for students to carry out their final bachelor’s or master’s degree project on the level of health and e-health literacy among university students and its relationship with socio-demographic variables and healthy lifestyles.